June 1, 2023

Will You Help Us Get the Water Flowing? | Amnesty International

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Will You Help Us Get the Water Flowing? | Amnesty International.

How Israel is squeezing the life out of Palestinian communities

An Israeli government determined to drive Palestinians off their land, making way for even more illegal settlements, is deliberately denying water to families. Today we need your help to fight this life-threatening policy.

Your donations exposed this disastrous policy

Israeli troops have destroyed rainwater cisterns and frequently confiscate water tankers, tractors and trailers used by Palestinians attempting to collect water from further away.

Villagers are unable to grow crops or feed their herds so it’s a struggle for them to survive. In many areas, access to water is so severely restricted that they can’t even grow small amounts of food to feed their families. It’s a life-threatening situation.

One Farmer’s Story

Mahmud Mat’ab Da’ish, his wife Samar and their seven children, could do nothing but look on in dismay as an Israeli army bulldozer drove up and down the field, methodically scooping up and tearing to shreds the drip irrigation system which the family had installed at great cost. The families’ livelihood was destroyed while nearby in an Israeli settlement, sprinklers still irrigated vast green fields.

How you can help

Amnesty International is committed to ending Israel’s illegal and discriminatory policy that is threatening so many lives. Please make a donation to our campaign today. You will be helping to fund our lobbying of the Israeli authorities. You will be supporting our vital work monitoring and gathering evidence of the ongoing human rights abuses in the West Bank and Gaza. Please help us get the water flowing. Because without water, there is no life.

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