March 22, 2023

Community, who needs it ?

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People IMHO do not see that the quality of their life would be improved immeasurably if they considered that interdependency is a natural human condition and it is what got us collectively to where we are. In the bright new world of the 21st century we are led to believe that materialism is the only goal worth aiming for. As a result if I accumulate more ‘things’ than you I will be happier. Unfortunately, what we as individuals actually need is a sense of belonging and a knowing that our existence has in some shape or form, contributed to the betterment of the lives of those around us. Unconditional acts of generosity are now practically unheard of. Individuals are far more likely to first question the direct and immediate benefit to themselves of any such action.

I recall living in a very rural area a few years back and in that COMMUNITY it was both desirable and necessary to be considerate to all around you. It would be practically impossible to be a farmer and not have respect for your neighbours. Sooner or later (normally at 4am !) you NEEDED your neighbours when a large tree had blown down, tiles were flying off an outhouse in a storm or one of their livestock had become trapped in a ditch etc. At times such as that, and there were many, it gave me a great feeling of living to be able to help and indeed a great feeling of gratitude to those who came to my aid.

Today, practically all of us are in competition with each other, whether we realise it or not, on a daily basis. We do not see ‘others’ because we are to busy thinking of our own needs and wants. Ironically, it is the very rich who circle their wagons in exclusive clubs generally under the auspices of ‘sport’. Rugby, sailing, tennis, ski, golf etc. all havens from the competition of life, of feeding oneself or their family. Do you notice how very wealthy people see themselves as a community ? How they will inevitably congregate in places where the masses cannot. They have had the luxury of learning that when we cooperate and have respect for one another, it benefits all.

Poor people don’t ‘network’.  QED

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