June 1, 2023

The Last Word.

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I simply do not believe that Enda Kenny, who has spent the last ten years TOTALLY focused on rebuilding his party and getting it elected to Government can possibly have the mental capacity nor indeed the time required to understand the dangers of this treaty or indeed anything to do with the financial crises.

Does it not strike you as at least worthy of your consideration, that the majority of people who are calling for a No vote have spent YEARS observing, learning and writing about this financial mess. I have no doubt, despite the best intentions of Mr. Kenny, I and many more commentators have spent considerably more time engrossed in the subject matter than Mr. Kenny can possibly have.

Furthermore, many of us have considerable knowledge of business gained through hard won experience and in nearly all cases, possess relevant academic qualifications, unlike my Kenny. Because we put our reputation and in a lot of cases careers on the line, every time we make a statement or write an article we have to know what we are talking about. Mr. Kenny refuses to debate with anyone whereas anyone of us would get on television in front of the entire nation and vociferously defend our point of view.

Failing to do so convincingly when up against the most capable people from the Yes side, would mean the total destruction of whatever personal or professional reputation we have. We do not have a vested interest other than helping people to understand the truth which you are consistently being denied. We know that you are being denied the truth is to cover up the the total failure of our so called ‘leaders’ both here and in Europe to represent your best interests, and those of your children.

They have failed on every possible level in their duty of care.They take their ‘advice’ from the vested interests of the banks and massive multinational companies who ONLY motivation is to increase profits and prevent losses to their wealth. Mr Kenny simply does not have the knowledge or the courage of his convictions to debate anything of substance because quite simply, he has none…..

Before you vote on Thursday, please put your prejudices and party affiliations aside aside and consider the motivations of those of us who are convinced that a No vote is in Ireland’s and indeed Europe’s, best interest. What do we stand to gain? It’s certainly not a cushy job in the EU Commission, or a €100,000 per year pension, or the respect of a multitude of sycophants nor the cosy knowledge of ‘being on the winning team’. We do it because we passionately believe in our Country and the people of Ireland and their children’s future.

We do so out of personal conviction, yet knowing that we are swimming against the tide of the establishment, in most cases alone and with no life-jacket.

Please vote No…

This ENGLISH man says it better than I ever could !!


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  1. “massive multinational companies”

    Thats where the real story lies and something not mentioned by anybody during this campaign.
    Ireland has two big brothers and her eldest one happens to have a huge interest in all that goes on around Ireland. Can you imagine Merkil telling Ireland she is going into tier two Euro, the second division without speaking to the US President about it? Ireland in the second division will have huge implications for a large amount of THEIR top 50 companies who are based in Ireland. These same companies are so involved in Ireland, pulling out isn’t an option if they wanted to. Similarly the position over preferential tax they enjoy, will this change because Europe wants it to change without any involvement from the USA who in the end Germany and France needs for their own economies to survive.
    Where will Ireland get the money ?
    Eldest brother and big brother will watch out for us don’t worry! the UK also need the status quo in relation to Ireland so, here we go again, WW3 is upon us and the debt the politicians took onto our books HAS to be taken off our books.
    Consider the politicians made the most momentous decision ever when taking on this debt without allowing the people decide. A similar one could be taken in the same way if this is their way that we become the 51st state without reference to the people. The latter issue is as big as the first > how much power do these donkeys who run us have? How far does it extend?

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