June 1, 2023

The Euro is dead, long live the Euro!

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The Irish League of Credit Unions recently released their quarterly “What’s Left?” report. It deals with how people throughout the Country are managing financially and the figures up to June are not just frightening they are a damning indictment on the failure of our Government to run OUR Country.

Just to give you an idea of just how bad the Government’s policy of protecting the banks has been for the average adult, nearly one in every two (47%) are late paying at least one bill a month, one in every three adults have between zero and seventy Euros left after paying their bills and a heartbreaking two hundred and eighty thousand people stated that their income does not even cover bills like their mortgage and electricity.

Think about these figures for a minute. Think of the hardship that this is causing. Think of the effect it has on relationships, on families, on children. Think of the pain being endured by mostly innocent people like you, your friends or your family.

Recently I was told by a GP that there has been a seventy eight percent increase in the prescription of anti depression medication, compared to last year. When I asked them why, they said it was all to do with the recession, “what most of these people really need is counseling or therapy but the waiting lists are so long that I have no option but to prescribe drugs to alleviate their condition in the immediate term”. There has also been a large increase in the number of actual and intended suicides, chronic alcohol and substance abuse (with all the suffering that entails for families).

That’s the facts as they are now, but the real question is that the way it should be? Obviously the answer is no, and that nothing is worth choosing to inflict this amount of suffering on our population. Well, not according to any of the people directly affected and mentioned above.  Yet somehow this suffering is being justified every day of the week by the people we elected to represent US.

Not the EU, not the IMF and not the banks and their obscenely overpaid incompetent ‘management’.  They justify their actions on the basis that not to do so would be a ‘catastrophe’ for us all. Really? What then would they call the present state of the Nation, maybe a necessary fiscal adjustment with inevitable, manageable but tolerable collateral damage in the short to medium term? Bollix to all that! It is a total and utter disaster that is going to get considerably worse, and they bloody well know it, Kenny and Gilmore included.

We keep hearing of a ‘bailout’ and how fortunate we are to have Europe, along with their ‘benevolent partners in the IMF, being there to help us and without whom we would be doomed. You could nearly understand people believing it, if they were not aware that these ‘friends’ will be charging us 6.2 Billion Euros in interest repayments alone by 2013, for their collective generosity! That will be nearly 20% of our entire revenues. To make sure they make a profit!  The Government has already defaulted, but it is on its obligation to the Irish people and that is the only one that matters.

Up until a few weeks ago our ‘partners in Europe they thought that they had the figures sorted, they thought that they could gradually guide the entire EU, not just the Euro zone members, into a single European Financial entity with controls over retirement age, pensions, tax rates, levies the lot. But then the markets got spooked by Italy and the sudden realization that they owe more than France and Germany, combined! Italy is quite simply ‘to big to fail’ and if it goes down it is going to bring the entire Federalist European Integration plan with it.

A lot of very deviant, greedy power hungry (mostly) men have been planning the total integration of Europe for over fifty years. It was to take place by small incremental steps, hardly noticed by an apathetic electorate. You do recall how they insisted that we voted TWICE on both the Nice and Lisbon referendums, until they got their way? Well these people (many are members of the ultra secretive Bilderberg Group, including a few very notable Irishmen) are determined to succeed with their plan regardless of the price to be paid by mere citizens such as you or I.

Unfortunately for them the game is up. Europe can only now go in one of two directions. These are the total political and fiancial integration of all seventeen Euro countries or, the abandonment of the Euro currency. As the people of Europe, though sadly not Ireland yet, are letting the political elite know that they are sick sore and tired of the result of the EU’s incompetence, there is no way a referendum on European Integration would get past the people this time. So the only alternative, if they are to live to fight another day, is the abandonment of the Euro currency (for the time being). It will happen and probably before the year is out.

So, in the meantime, Ireland should refuse to play their game and stall for time. Maybe that is what the Irish Government is doing right now, but in all honesty I just don’t think they have the smarts but I sure wish they did.


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