March 22, 2023

It’s not all bad news….

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Me recently
Me recently

Before we all start reaching for the Prozac (and at times it has looked like an option for many!) let’s not lose sight of some of the actual facts.  For example it is a fact that 90% of the eligible workforce in the Country actually have a job and if we take it that discretionary unemployment is normally say, 4 % then in reality about 6% of people who are eligable to work can not find any. Objectively speaking, not a complete disaster then.  Fact number two, used car sales are running at the same level as last year. Number three,  most householders and particularly those with large mortgages have seen a substantial increase in their disposable income due to reduced interest rates, lower fuel and food prices compared to just a year ago.

What is actually causing this widespread doom and gloom is the stark realisation that we left the running of OUR country to a bunch of unqualified, incompetent, unimaginative leaderless gobshites. And, hands up now, whose fault was that ? Hopefully the pain being felt by many will somehow be worth it if on the next occasion of an election we scrutinise the people who put themselves forward for election and ask

a.    are they in anyway qualified to run your Country ?

b.    Can you trust them to fulfill their election promises ?

c.   Why exactly are you voting for them in the first place?

d.   Most importantly of all,  encourage everyone you can to take part in our democracy.

e.   Are you willing to pro actively demand higher standards of governance ?

It is our Country and it is not beyond saving but it is going to take a fundamental change in the way that every citizen of the State views their role in relation to it’s social and economic construction. So next time out, have a good look at all the people looking to represent you and actually make an informed decision and then live with it.

And no, I am not running for election !!

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