March 22, 2023

Finally, it has come to pass!

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Well, well, well. It has finally come to pass.

We will have to wait until five o’clock this afternoon to find out exactly how the government plans to repay its friends, at our expense. Although I am aware that a statement will be issued by Mr. Cowen I am not privy to the exact contents but suffice to say, it is going to be a matter of national importance and a total and utter disgrace.

For over two weeks now there has been a quiet run on the Irish banks in particular Bank of Ireland, as ordinary citizens rushed to take their cash out of the banks. That is of course, those citizens who were lucky enough to have any cash in the bank in the first place. Maybe you are not aware that up until a couple of weeks ago, there was €140 billion of private deposits held by the Irish banks. A lot of this money was no doubt the proceeds of commercial activities engaged in during the Celtic Tiger years.

A lot of this money was made on the backs of ordinary hard-working people. A lot of this money was made by people who had influential friends in the commercial and political fields. While they were racking up these obnoxious levels of profit and increases in personal wealth the vast majority of the people in this country did not benefit at all.

Nevertheless, Mr. Cowen and his cohorts in government and in the EU expect us the people of Ireland to pay for the mistakes of the greedy, the influential, the well-connected and the rich. I for one, will not do so. I for one, will do time if necessary for the non-payment of taxes if this is what they are going to be used for. I for one, will stand up and demand a fair and equitable solution to the catastrophic decisions which this government has made.

Just to remind you of how we got here and how long it has taken these traitors to sell out our Country, please take a look at two of my previous articles.

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  1. Eamonn
    I concur with your sentiments fully. We are getting fed snippets of information by FF, and yes what has flowed from all the media outlets is where we base most of our opinions on.
    There is a layer of professional white collar criminals who are directly responsible for this mess and what may ultimately be the loss of our sovereignty. What freaks me out more is that as an apolitical person (I really cant find any reasons to support any political party or independent) we are clearly living in a dictatorship. Taxpayers in this fiscal crises are cannon fodder. The need for a new Republic is now an urgent matter, how long are the soft Irish going to take any more of this…we are in for a dose of austerity and I fear and kinda hope it will evoke some serious public reaction and from all sectors of our society. I am so tired of being lied to, the waffle and ongoing spouting out of both sides of the governments mouths…where is the all going to end and for many taxpayers who are standing on the edge of an abyss in totally unchartered waters. We didn’t elect for this to happen, and as you said in your blog, you will do time for this….may I suggest you may find thousands of people like you queing up outside our over-crowded prisons.
    I think we need to all stand firm, cancel all direct debits, stop paying mortgages, fines, excessive expensive bills from ESB-Gas-and any of the other essential services we all need in our lives….what happens then…! Anarchy may be all we have left…the tipping point must be very close.


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