3 Comments on Drug Dealing Banks Are Above The Law.

  1. Eamon
    congrats on another insightful article. Looking at Mr Greens career since leaving the bank, it seems only a matter of time before we see the “bauld Nidge” in a more suitable position such as Irish Minister for Health.

    However I would like to make one small point. Comments such as

    “Still, last year they paid out Eur2,800million in bonus’s to their bankster employees”
    “these educated grossly overpaid greedy banksters who inhabit the business of international finance”

    are nothing short of trite rabble rousing generalisations. Unfortunately, this is not the first article in which you have tarred all employees of Banks with the same brush. You appear to have fallen into some of the worst of the bad habits exhibited by the gutter press, namely;
    – Throw enough Shit and some of it’s bound to stick.
    – If you shoot a big enough gun you’ll eventually hit your target and who will really care if there’s bucketloads of collateral damage along the way.
    (Yeah – I know – I can do it too !!)

    You and all the other media commentators out there need to take the time to distinguish between the thousands of ordinary decent people who are employees of banks and the corrupt decision makers at the top who have brought the economy to its knees.
    The vast majority of bank staff in this country face the exact same hardships as every other person with a family and a mortgage. They do not get bonuses, and haven’t had an increase in wages in 5 years. In fact many are earning significantly less than they were in 2007. They are also subject to even more stringent financial controls than the customers they deal with on a daily basis.

    So please, next time around, don’t sully your otherwise excellent work, with the type of populist generalisations that have already led to people being physically attacked in the streets by strangers, purely because of the colour of their suit / shirt / uniform.
    For what it’s worth; if you are supplied with a uniform by a Bank, the chances of you having the authority to do anything other than what you’re told (if you want to keep your job) are miniscule.

  2. Brilliant article and very well researched. Is anyone listening ? I fear not. Those who already know the facts created them with impunity, those whom they adversely affect bleat from the pen before munching inanely on the sheeple-cack thrown in to them. Attempting to get anyone to put their asses where there mouths are is, in Ireland, an infuriatingly futile task . I’ve been trying for over a decade within disability and people will still not put their faces to their moans….which will still be heard droning as they shuffle towards the stun-gun.

  3. Very accurate – the banks can do what they like and not be held to account (in a realistic way). The Irish people do not want to know about corruption, and they do not want to deal with it. As long as they have their bread and games, as the romans used to say, they will not revolt. Inflation has arrived, and will one day become so bad that the majority of the people will not be able to afford the basics. The rich themselves will also not escape the results of our system. The only ones to escape the consequences will be the bankers servants, ie the politicians, and other servants such as the Gardai, and other public servants who are necessary for the effective control of the masses. Bankers’ will also protect their other private servants such as the national and local newspapers and the staff in those newspapers who can continue the lies fed to the Irish people to control them. Will be have a revolution in Ireland before the centenary of the 1916 revolution?

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