Unanswered questions about the 1970 Arms Crisis

March 28, 2012

Sir, – Dessie O’Malley’s letter (March 26th), connecting Neil T Blaney to “ethnic bigotry” is another disgusting display of Mr O’Malley’s self-righteous and delusional portrayal of the Arms Crisis, of which Mr O’Malley had a hand to play in its outcome. There are a lot of questions that we would like Mr O’Malley to answer, with regard to his actions in this whole murky saga. [Read More]

Community, who needs it ?

July 10, 2007

People IMHO do not see that the quality of their life would be improved immeasurably if they considered that interdependency is a natural human condition and it is what got us collectively to where we [Read More]

Verdi Ferrari

April 26, 2006

Verdi FerrariIf you want genuine authoritive advice on the Marque talk to Karl in Verdi (if you get him !). He owns Verdi and has been working on Ferraris forever. He knows them inside out [Read More]