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Nama a good deal only for the banks’ shareholders

This short article by Karl Whelan, Professor of economics at UCD, makes it very obvious that we must reconsider the entire NAMA idea. The majority of the people elected the present Government to run the Country on our behalf and to be kind, it hasn’t be working out so well. Now they are about to orchestrate the biggest distortion of the free market ever and it will cost you personally (and each of your children) more than EUR15,000.

The Perfect Storm ?

he government are proposing to reduce public expenditure by 5 billion this year. Far be it from us to interfere in their eight week holiday, so we are going to have to wait until December before they start implementing any of the required cuts. Between now and then, this means that we will have to borrow an additional €8,125,000,000! Can somebody please tell me why we have to wait until December to have a budget?

South Africa refuses Dalai Lama a visa

Beijing opposed the planned visit of the Dalai Lama to South Africa A peace conference for Nobel laureates in South Africa has been postponed indefinitely after Pretoria refused the Dalai Lama a visa, organisers say. This week’s meeting in Johannesburg was linked to the 2010 Football World Cup, which the country is hosting. A storm …

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Incremental Income Tax Rates ?

The principle of a citizens financial contribution to the State in the form of income tax  has since Roman times, been correlated to some degree with the persons ability to pay. Since the introduction of the quill and abacus, determining  one persons ability relative to another has been defined and refined by successive governmental administrations.  …

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