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Web designer refuses to cringe in the face of adversity – Irish Times

December 6, 2010 eblaney

IT WOULD be a shame to waste a strong iconoclastic streak, wouldn’t it? Eamonn Blaney uses his to excellent effect; badgering, doorstepping, blathering full belt to whoever will listen to get where he needs to go with his new venture –

A few years ago the Howth native left, rather than waiting to get pushed from, his €110,000 a year job. He decided to upskill and headed into Trinity College Dublin to do a masters in business administration. Blaney spent €25,000 of his own funds, got his masters degree and re-entered a working world of . . . very little – no head honcho job, few prospects of one and faltering hope in a radically different work environment to the one he had previously inhabited. [Read More]

TD’s had better think before voting.

December 6, 2010 eblaney

As we get closer to the financial and social endgame resulting from Fianna Fail and the Greens governance are country, their incompetence and lies are laid bare for all to see. Those of us who were advised to go and commit suicide by the then leader Mr. Bertie Ahern and didn’t, can see their very worst nightmares coming to fruition. We knew it was going to be bad but we could never have conceived just how bad it has become. And this is really just the start.

In a speech in 2007 Mr. Ahern promised that in a fall would reduce the gap between what we spent and what we took in taxes than revenues. He lied. Mr. Cowen, who was then the finance minister, simply went along with what ever he was advised to do by those total incompetents in the Department of Finance. The big accountancy and legal firms operating in Dublin who oversaw audits of the major banks and financial institutions, and charged millions for it, reported that everything was okay, these companies also lied. Full article on [Read More]

Irelands Economic Crisis Explained, By Robots !

November 26, 2010 eblaney

The Irish story began with a genuine economic miracle. But eventually this gave way to a speculative frenzy driven by runaway banks and real estate developers, all in a cosy relationship with leading politicians. The frenzy was financed with huge borrowing on the part of Irish banks, largely from banks in other European nations.

Then the bubble burst, and those banks faced huge losses. You might have expected those who lent money to the banks to share in the losses. After all, they were consenting adults, and if they failed to understand the risks they were taking that was nobody’s fault but their own. But, no, the Irish government stepped in to guarantee the banks’ debt, turning private losses into public obligations. [Read More]

Finally, it has come to pass!

November 16, 2010 eblaney

Well, well, well. It has finally come to pass. We will have to wait until five o’clock this afternoon to find out exactly how the government plans to repay its friends, at our expense. Although [Read More]

The National Debt solution is in our back yard.

November 12, 2010 eblaney

Auctioning some of our Oil & Gas reserves could get us out of the present economic and social mess yet it has never been considered or discussed. No, we are just been fed the same bullshit i.e. that individual citizens have to bail out the Irish banks, which are failed privately owned companies, even though it was not their fault. Why ? [Read More]

Public Service workers must be let go – A proposal.

October 18, 2010 eblaney

My proposal for removing up to 100,000 public servants is relatively straightforward although it will have to be accompanied by substantial reforms in work practices, promotion policy, pension entitlements and attitude. For example, the defined benefit, indexed linked pension scheme is simply too expensive for our country to afford for the foreseeable future. The abolition of this pension must include all public servants whether employed now, in the past or in the future. If new legislation or constitutional amendment is required to make this happen, then so be it. The fact that there are people who retired over ten years ago and are presently receiving pension that are actually higher now than their salary they were on when they left, is outrageous. [Read More]

In plain ‘apples and oranges’, these figures are just bananas – Sunday Indo 10-10-2010

October 10, 2010 eblaney

At the moment there are 450,000 people without paid employment out of a workforce of 1.9 million. Also consider that 460,000 of the total workforce do not compete for jobs or are in any danger of losing their jobs because they are our public servants. So, in the real world, the actual number of people available to work (or be made redundant) is 1,450,000 people. I’m sure even one of our overpaid bankers could work out that 32 per cent of the people in the “free labour market” are without jobs. That’s right folks, the real rate of unemployment in this country among the wealth-creating sectors is 32 per cent or one in three. [Read More]

Scottish ‘Sunday Herald’ – 03-Oct -2010

October 4, 2010 eblaney

In the Celtic Tiger era, Eamonn Blaney would have been the embodiment of Cool Hibernia.
With his dark-rimmed designer specs and sharp pin-striped jackets, you might still mistake him for a successful entrepreneur or corporate executive if you were to see him sipping an espresso in one of the cafés near his home in Howth, a traditionally prosperous peninsula jutting out from Dublin. But the truth is this 46-year-old Dubliner is carefully counting the cost of every small indulgence these days.

Blaney is on the dole: one of the 455,000 citizens of the Irish Republic unemployed or under-employed. When he signs on, he is surrounded by traumatised Tiger Cubs, a hedonistic young generation foolishly reared to believe that their wise elders had somehow suddenly discovered a magical cure for the centuries-old scourges of economic misery and mass emigration. Blaney’s own grand misfortune was to graduate with an MBA from Ireland’s top-rated university, Trinity College Dublin, in 2008 just as the international banking crisis erupted and the southern Irish property bubble spectacularly burst. The two start-up businesses he has founded since have both failed to pay the bills as Dublin has become trapped in a particularly fearsome downward financial spiral. [Read More]

Public job cuts will be worth the pain – Sunday Indo 26/9/2010

September 26, 2010 eblaney

No doubt you are sick of listening to the radio, watching the television or reading newspapers and getting nothing but bad economic news.

Unfortunately, this is happening because our Government — and many of us — closed our eyes and ears to the reality of what was unfolding before the meltdown. The priority now is to resolve it the best we can and as quickly and as equitably as possible. To do so is going to require some major decisions, all of which will have substantial and far-reaching consequences for every one of us.

Finance Minister Brian Lenihan should immediately tell us what options he considered prior to the bank guarantee scheme and the implications of each. Not once, since this crisis began, have we been treated like adults and told exactly what options were considered. Instead, we were told the bank guarantee scheme is the only show in town, with no explanation whatsoever. Suspiciously, none of the other options (if any) have been discussed publicly by the Government. [Read More]

Neil Blaney’s son takes his turn at going to war with the leader of Fianna Fail

September 26, 2010 eblaney

A MEMBER of one of the country’s best-known political dynasties told the Irish Mail on Sunday yesterday that Taoiseach Brian Cowen is a ‘disgrace’, ‘a failure as a leader’ and ‘pursuing a personal life that is causing him to fail in his obligations to the people.’ Eamonn Blaney, the son of Neil Blaney, a former Fianna Fail TD and a controversial cabinet minister who was sacked in the midst of the Arms Crisis of 1970, also revealed to MoS that he intends to run in the next General Election because he is ‘appalled and ashamed’ of the performance of national politicians. [Read More]

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