June 2, 2023

The Perfect Storm ?

July 17, 2009 eblaney

he government are proposing to reduce public expenditure by 5 billion this year. Far be it from us to interfere in their eight week holiday, so we are going to have to wait until December before they start implementing any of the required cuts. Between now and then, this means that we will have to borrow an additional €8,125,000,000! Can somebody please tell me why we have to wait until December to have a budget? [Read More]

It’s not all bad news….

March 4, 2009 eblaney

Before we all start reaching for the Prozac (and at times it has looked like an option for many!) let’s not lose sight of some of the actual facts.  For example it is a fact [Read More]

Slowly but surely

March 3, 2009 eblaney

Slowly but surely the powers that be are coming on board in relation to the taxation issue. To be fair, my initial thoughts on the subject do need refining but  if the amount of ‘noise’ [Read More]

Did the Government read my blog ?

February 27, 2009 eblaney

Well, I certainly hope so. I was just listening to Pat Carey the government Chief Whip on the radio conceding that it may be necessary to implement a third taxation rate! My goodness, what an absolute stroke of genius. If you look at my previous post you will see that I have suggested not just a third tax rate or possibly 15 or 20 Incremental tax rates. Now it transpires that Labour have decided to support the same policy as have Fine Gael. [Read More]

Incremental Income Tax Rates ?

February 25, 2009 eblaney

The principle of a citizens financial contribution to the State in the form of income tax  has since Roman times, been correlated to some degree with the persons ability to pay. Since the introduction of [Read More]

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