S166 Full Unredacted FCA Promontory Report


The LARGEST THEFT EVER After 5:30PM GMT on Monday 12th February 2018 we the undersigned; with the assistance of our co-campaigner Eamonn Blaney, released the FULL  UNREDACTED FCA (UK Regulator – Financial Conduct Authority) version of the Skilled Persons – Promontory – S166 Report into RBS & Ulster Bank GRG Mistreatment & Criminality against Businesses …

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The Central Bank of Ireland Cover-up

A collection of interviews with banking whistle-blower Jonathon Sugarman from around the time of his appearance as a guest before the Oireachtas Finance, Public Expenditure and Reform, and Taoiseach (a Committee of the Irish Parliament)in April 2017. I assisted with Jonathan with his preparation for the hearing including the drafting of his opening statement.   …

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Business Meetings in the Middle East

Dubai Downtown 2016 UAE

According to Enterprise Ireland, exports from Ireland to the Middle East are heading for €3 billion per annum and many more Irish companies are considering entering this lucrative market. If you are going on an exploratory business trip or are thinking of travelling out to meet with a potential partner, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. Doing business in the Middle East is very different from doing business at home and the ‘rules of engagement’ that we take for granted here are not necessarily the same there.

Christmas Can Be Magical….

Temple Bar, Dublin, Ireland

It’s so good to see so many people in such good form, particularly those that you may not have seen for over a year, return for their annual visit home having had made a new life abroad, unfortunately in a lot of cases, not by choice. But they are home, the Craic is mighty and it’s like everybody has decided that the cares of the world can be left behind and it’s time to enjoy life to the full.

Alcohol Abuse or Abuse of a Nation?

  When you consider the proposals for minimum pricing on alcohol that the government is presently proposing, you inevitably will ask whether or not this is the best solution to what we perceive to be the problem of alcohol abuse. While it may in the short term address the symptoms it does not address the …

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When is Equality not Equality? When it’s RefCom2015

Ballot Box

If this referendum was truly about equality and nothing else, it would probably be carried by ninety-five percent of those who will vote. However, after spending the last couple of weeks researching the implications of the proposed amendment and speaking to countless numbers of people both LBGT and heterosexual, I am convinced that there is considerably more to this than simple equality.