January 18, 2018



Eamonn Blaney, Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2014 - 066Hi there and welcome to my website. Presently, I’m I am doing a BSc in Digital Technology & Design while living deep in rural Ireland and working on writing my book, “Rigged (and why you are always the loser!)”. 

My professional  profile on LinkedIn is located  HERE .

I built and maintain this website myself and the blog is a collection of my views on many subjects but in particular politics, economics and societal issues. Although you may find some of these views controversial, I hope they are entertaining and food for thought. A passionate conversationalist, I have a strong interest in commerce, motorcars, technology, current affairs, photography, yacht racing/sailing and an insatiable natural curiosity, coupled with a good sense of humour 🙂

I believe that we can make this world a better place for all and also, that it is up to each of us to be a catalyst and enabler of that change. To be effective and successful in that role, it is important that we inform ourselves of what is actually going on, why it is happening and not to passively accept the ‘lamestream’ media assisted controlled narrative. I genuinely hope that the articles that I have written will enlighten, inform and hopefully motivate you to play an increasing role in righting the wrongs in whatever way you can.

The world will never be perfect but it can be better than it is now, with your help……