September 25, 2016

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‘Economic Civil War’ Revisited

October 31, 2009

I first posted this article Feb 12th 2009 and although my timing was out by a few months the articles content is now more relevant than ever, particulary as members of the public are finally waking up to crisis that we are all in. As of the end of sept. 2009 the National Debt stood at 77,754,000,000 Euros or €35,342 for every worker in the Country (a loan which you personally must pay back). This will rise to €54,909 within three years even taking account of having had a reduction in the national budget of €4 billion in each of these years! You may notice that the term ‘Economic Civil War’ appeared here first…… […]

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Web designer refuses to cringe in the face of adversity – Irish Times

December 6, 2010

IT WOULD be a shame to waste a strong iconoclastic streak, wouldn’t it? Eamonn Blaney uses his to excellent effect; badgering, doorstepping, blathering full belt to whoever will listen to get where he needs to go with his new venture –

A few years ago the Howth native left, rather than waiting to get pushed from, his €110,000 a year job. He decided to upskill and headed into Trinity College Dublin to do a masters in business administration. Blaney spent €25,000 of his own funds, got his masters degree and re-entered a working world of . . . very little – no head honcho job, few prospects of one and faltering hope in a radically different work environment to the one he had previously inhabited. […]